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Reasons Why Edibles Are a Better Choice Than Smoking

Smoking is generally considered to have a negative impact on one’s health. Even if you are one who smokes marijuana, inhaling the smoke may often come with many warnings from people around. Whether it’s the smell or the health risks, smoking isn’t always a public favorite or in line with ‘better health’.  But quitting cannot […]

3 Incredible Benefits Of Marijuana Backed By Science

Cannabis is a plant with immense therapeutic potential. It’s not just a phrase that people keep throwing around. Even doctors today accept the medical benefits of cannabis. Medical marijuana doctors at reliable clinics like Green Med MD Brooklyn also support medical cannabis and provide consultations for the same. Despite the studies being limited, several research […]

Everything You Need to Learn About Cannabigerol

The idea of cannabis, once so efficiently used by the Chinese to treat certain conditions, has over the past few years undergone a magnificent change. This process of amendment, which started years ago, has accelerated remarkably for the past three years. The usage of cannabis no longer lives in the shadow. It has a whole […]