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Benefits of Marijuana Backed by Science

3 Incredible Benefits Of Marijuana Backed By Science

Cannabis is a plant with immense therapeutic potential. It’s not just a phrase that people keep throwing around. Even doctors today accept the medical benefits of cannabis.

Medical marijuana doctors at reliable clinics like Green Med MD Brooklyn also support medical cannabis and provide consultations for the same.

Despite the studies being limited, several research papers and scientific data back up the many ways cannabis may prove beneficial for medical conditions. So, let’s dive into the three most common medical conditions that science believes can be managed with cannabis.

Relieves Nausea

Nausea is just a physical reaction when your body retreats into healing. Many illnesses and infections are followed by nausea. Certain antibiotics, opioid pain medicines, vitamins, and mineral supplements trigger nauseousness or make you throw up at times. It is a common side effect when the drug affects the central nervous system. At times, it could be due to physiological causes, lifestyle habits, or eating habits. If you’re nauseous all the time, you need to observe what has changed in your day to day activity.

Medical marijuana may or may not directly impact the medical condition causing nausea, but it will relieve the nauseous feeling.

A study conducted in 2001 showed that medical marijuana in any form provides 100% relief from nausea induced after chemotherapy and other harsh medications. It’s quite effective in controlling the debilitating experience of vomiting. Regular consumption ensures you don’t feel the same discomfort of nausea after taking some medications.

Medical marijuana is quite effective in treating all types of nausea. It regulates certain neural and endocrine functions that suppresses nausea and vomiting.

Stimulates Appetite

Many researches have been conducted over the years to find the correlation between appetite and weight. The exact reason behind this is still unclear but a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors in the brain may affect your appetite when stimulated just the right amount.

As per an animal study, cannabis exposure leads to “genetic and physiological events in the body that allows it to turn eating behavior on or off.”

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol present in medical marijuana helps patients recover from the appetite loss caused by certain illnesses. It interacts with a hormone called Ghrelin that further stimulates appetite.

In addition to increasing appetite, THC also affects smell and taste. By stimulating the senses, THC helps users associate food with pleasure and good feelings which further helps deal with appetite issues.

Can Help With Symptoms Of Spinal Cord Injury

Any injury on the spinal cord is very impactful and hampers the overall well-being of the person. It causes difficulty in sleeping, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and spasticity. Patients’ daily life is disturbed by the symptoms of spinal cord injuries.

A study examined the effects of cannabis on patients with surgical and non-surgical back pain. It concluded that cannabis is effective in reducing back pain. However, patients must visit a medical marijuana doctor instead of ‘self prescribing’.

Cannabis can be effective against physical discomfort in general. It has a relaxing effect that can prove to be advantageous for muscle spasms, muscle ache, cramps, and general discomfort.


Studies on the benefits of medical marijuana are undergoing. However, the data that is with us today has proven its medical potential and benefits for multiple conditions. This is the reason why medical cannabis is legal in most states and doctors recommend it for conditions like PTSD, anorexia, muscle spasms, chronic pain and more. So, if you need a recommendation to use medical cannabis for your health problems, consult a doctor or reliable clinic today.

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